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About Us

A day spa, K9 has all the therapeutic facilities for your beauty needs and physiotherapy. Equipped with world class infrastructure & ambience, we bring the world’s finest organic yields used in a variety of massaging techniques. From carefully revitalizing your skin to gently enabling a relaxing gush of energy through your entire psyche, we are the one stop day spa that passes beauty inside out. For all ages, experience beauty by treating yourself to elite spa services unlike any other ether.

Our professional masseuse’s are physicians with immense knowledge, catering to your every need. Whether it is stress form a long day at work, a complete body massage to ease the tension or even beauty tips on skin care & physiological difficulties, our professionals will invite you into a world of relief & rejuvenation. Well affluent in the ancient arts from Asian bodywork techniques to European massages, the mystical approach with which we care for you @K9 is part of the promise we make in providing the best quality services.

Transform all your worries into positive energy, radiating with cheer & ecstatic extravagance. Only @K9 one can experience such ambience and prestige that will truly transform your mind & body, instantly. Besides the high-end services, attractive beauty packages & service offers are sure to strengthen your relation with the magnificence we have to offer.

We are providing service more than
02 years
in the market. We make the most of all our customers.