Elite Exotica

Elite Exotica

Elite Exotica treatment focus is exclusively on massage therapies and treatments both traditional and customised, that melt away tension, aches and pains.

Experience the special air jets and water jets in Jacuzzi Tubs turn your bath into a soothing and relaxing massage.

As the water flows through, the special vibrations allow the stress to leave your body. The nerves are gradually relaxed and all the stress piled from your daily routine gradually starts to disappear with Jacuzzi hot tub and elite steam bath.

Our team of professional massage therapists are more than highly talented at their craft. They each possess a sense of intuition and understanding that meld their individual healing styles and techniques with each guest's own needs, both physical and emotional. The result is a soothing massage therapy experience that is uniquely enriching, personal and rewarding.

Lie back and take the sheer pleasure of rejuvenation with your own kingdom of Elite Exotica.