Royal Refresh

Royal Refresh

Royal Refresh invites you into the calming atmosphere inside, where the casual warmth and refresh- ing decor of a Royal room with luxurious wellness treatment and therapeutic healing.

Come, soak yourself into the pleasure trove of the Jacuzzi Spa tub and feel the splash of relaxing fresh- ness with the luxurious steam bath that simply let your senses feel the aura of rejuvenation.

Enjoy the hot spa tubs just like of Roman Era with unlimited benefits gained by soaking in hot water that can cure wounds, tired muscles and maintain good health as water contains minerals that prevent diseases in a natural way.

Our team of professional massage therapists are more than highly talented at their craft. They each possess a sense of intuition and understanding that meld their individual healing styles and techniques with each guest's own needs, both physical and emo- tional. The result is a soothing massage therapy experience that is uniquely enriching, personal and rewarding.

Royal Refresh treatment rejuvenates your body and soul with royal treatment and gives you a refreshing feeling.